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4 B L O O M S 🌸 . . . > Hey Image by ✰ k i l l u a ✰

B L O O M S 🌸
> Hey guys! Sorry for this trashy edit... I'm really stressed and I promise a Great Seulgi Edit soon But Stream Stay Gold for the views that it actually deserves, They will be on Jimmy Fallon soon, as their still learning the choreography, anyways! STAY GOLD has outcharted HYLT, ON has come back on the charts also beating HYLT, HYLT is now #4 place on charts, BTS's mots7 is the best selling album, STAY GOLD is the best digitally sold song on iTunes, take care loves! 💖
Mah sis: @melody_k-pop 💕
A bitch I luv: @-taegguk- 💖
Bruv come back: @asisdass 💞
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Country: England, UK
Time: 01:10 PM
Date: July 1st
Day: Wednesday 💌
Weather: Cloudy 👁👄👁
Time taken 4 the edit: 25 minutes💕
Lately Listened to: STAY GOLD - BTS
What I've streamed: STAY GOLD - BTS (yes everything is BTS today )💌💕
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