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Love Maze;
Cause' I’ll be in love maze
Cause' I’ll be in love maze

Trapped in a maze of decisions
Exhausted by all the different chaos
We’ve wandered around, looking for the answer
Lost in the maze, in the darkness

We ran and ran endlessly
But all the fake noise
Can’t tear us apart
It’s true baby

We must believe only in ourselves
Can’t let go of each other’s hands
We need to be together forever

People say
That I’ll end up a fool
But I don’t wanna use my head
I don’t wanna calculate
Love ain’t a business
Rather like a fitness
I’ve never been in a calculating love
I know it’ll be cold like winter
But I still wanna try
If you push me, I’ll fall, just raise me up again
Even if I pull, you don’t have to come
Let them be them
Let us be us
Love is a maze damn
But you is amaze yeah
#remixed from @mochiparkk , @_ikonic_stay_ , @sugariee , @angy_jin , @hellomoonlight , @jengkook , @kpop_ru_ua , @meeori