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dumbledore quote hp Image by mia, tina and ayla


Welcome to Harry Potter World! We’re @hpfan4everandalways and @konstantinaravenclaw and we’ll be your tour guide for today! Let’s go!

Here are just some of the breathtaking places we will be visiting.

♥︎The Great Hall (theme): Dumbledore with a quote.

♥︎Platform 9 3/4 (time taken): not sure

♥︎Diagon Alley (type of edit): Quote

♥︎Hogsmeade (my opinion): 8/10

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♥︎Merch (credits): @konstantinaravenclaw made the edit and @hpfan4everandalways added the text.

♥︎Souvenirs (notes): Hope you like this!

♥︎Confectionery (follower goal):

Thanks so much for coming! Have a great day!

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