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mustread important Image by 🥰Taken by the sweatest🍯

So, let's talk about what is happening ... Blue whale, yes, many people know what it is, someone does not care about it, someone is afraid of it, but for someone it was the last word in life ... But, I want to immediately say that the fact that some people spread false information. Because, I climbed into the Internet and found no less important information. This should be known to everyone, even those who distribute the Blue Whale itself. The man many fear is not the curator of the Blue Whale! This man is creating cosplay masks, so he has absolutely no meaning to this game! This is a 2013 photo, so it doesn't matter to Blue Whale! So, keep in mind the people who create accounts with Blue Whale, this person does not matter to him !!! #bluewhale #mustread #important #thetruth