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aries leo cancer pisces Image by mrs josh hutcherson

based this off of people i know personally

aries: based off of my best friend, lily. as soon as i think of her i think of this song, because she is so badass!!

leo: i dont have that many leo friends but one of my closest leo friends doesnt listen to music lol so i looked up this one. but honestly it kinda makes sense for him haha.

cancer: definitely perfect for cate. she says whats on her mind even if it isnt the nicest thing😂

pisces: one of my best friends, sophie, will do whatever it takes to get where she wants to be. in a good way and a bad way lol.

Scorpio: again, one of my best friends!! i share my love for country music with her, so naturally i had to pick a country song!! and almost everything i do makes me think of her, so lauren this ones for you!

taurus: a ton of taurus friends, but i based it off of my favorite twins, margot and nora! they both love attention and are always in the spotlight!

sagittarius: again, not that many sagittarius friends, but the two i know of are proud of who they are and dont care if people judge them.

gemini: i have some very very crazy gemini friends! i feel like theres always a party going on when im around them!

virgo: i think about these people all the time, they are definitely unforgettable

libra: these people are fun loving and crazy! i love them all so so much and there coudnt be a better song for them!

capricorn: omg my best guy friend in the world is a capricorn! hes definitely the greatest!

aquarius: me:) and yeah, oops!...i did it again is a perfect song for me! yeah, we all make mistakes, but here im referring to guys ive dated...

hope you enjoyed this and i hope you agree with your zodiac theme song!!


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