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cassietheeditorweirdcontest Image by ✨🥀~Cassie~🥀✨

So! Im holding a contest because everyones been doing them so i decided to make my own!

:3 Contest info!

It can be any theme you want it doesnt matter

No stealing >:<

The contest will end on july 24 :3

You can use any of the ocs that i will provide you which i will post

Have fun And make sure to tag me and use the hashtag #cassietheeditorweirdcontest
You can make a edit, drawing , whatever you want as long as its appropriate.

If you have any other questions tag me

~The prizes~

1st place : A drawing , gacha edit , simple edit , shoutout , follow , and a spam ( if i already follow chu im sorry T^T )

2nd place : a gacha edit , shoutout , spam , follow

3rd place : a simple edit , shoutout , follow

Have fun and i hope you enter!! :3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~