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roleplayer roleplaycharacter Image by 𝐀𝐕𝐀 ꒰ 🧺‧₊·˚

here’s a list of random facts you might wanna know about joel:

• joel’s grandparents were from italy so him and his mom speak italian on occasion and he yeets between the two but he’s also learning french so sometimes when he’s flustered he speaks in a mix of english, french and italian.

• his mom is a teen mom

• he’s a switch 👀 but that’s obvious

• joel is a super sensitive/sentimental boyo

• he actually enjoys school and is a bit of a neat freak

• o r g a n i z e d

• he wants to be a music teacher at a college when he’s older

• joel plays like six instuments: guitar, bass, french horn (which he hated), drums, flute (also hated), and violin (he didn’t mind it, it was just too expensive so he quit)

• he sings baritone and his singing voice claim is robert manion (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JobL-3-KR6U)

• i haven’t quite figured out what his normal voice sounds like oops-

• i’ll probably add more onto this as joel’s character grows and develops

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