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sadgorlhrs dezirae a gonzalez <3. Image by 𝗱𝗲𝘇𝗶✞.

dezirae a gonzalez <3.
wish i knew my real last name instead of a colonized one 😔. #sadgorlhrs n e wayz. my acc of 1.5k recently got deleted😹. so i’m remaking an intro lmao. i really love cameron :). 10/23/19😛. i’m married to rylea and kinley🥰. i overuse emojis tbhhh. i’m a switch. i love girl in red. i’m v clingy. i miss my boy right now. call me daddy😏. i hate being called princess and babygirl. i have trust issues. and commitment issues. i’m cameronsexual. i stan tupac. bruh idk what else to add. ryan is my bestie. i’ll edit ur pics. i use the “💀”emoji when im sad or i’ll say “lmao”. me+cam=happiness🥰. i will soam you. i respond in 20 seconds or never.
e.c to bae @loopyclaire 🥰.