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legacies Image by å∫ex¡s ᴍı̣kᴀ𝑒ʟ𝔰ᴏ𝓃 ɪ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ʙᴀᴄᴋ!

Hi guys! ❤️ How are you? How has your summer been going? 🌟
This edit is of Lizzie Saltzman and Caroline Forbes. I love them both so much, and I totally see Caroline in Lizzie! 😍
For me, my whole summer has been focused on video edits on my YouTube channel! I find it so much fun, and I’ve met so many wonderful people!! 🥰💗

My favorite edit I made was of Klaroline! I’ll link it here if you want to check it out!!

Disclaimer: Please do not steal my edits. I work very hard on them, and stealing them is wrong. If you do remix it, please give me credit @bluecleverwolf . Thank you! 😘

Sneak Peek: I’m making a video edit of Hope Mikaelson for my YouTube channel!

Amazing and wonderful people: 💞 @siennacayenne11 @harlee____ @adorepuff @tarjamikaelson @anateles38 @serpentbyblood @daniellexroserussell @katieeverdeen @bekahmikaelson098 @kaylien006 @legacies5876 @mythical_griffin101 @2023vbug @ofmoonscrown @lunalovegood633 @cupcaketvshow @fvd_1382 @elena_luv @amberleechan @xtvdposts123x @tvdfanforever56 @tvd_delena_197 @persephonexhades @ktroth11 @tvd_lover1864 @dark_hope1410 @lovelystelena @vampire_misty @arima1-1 @isabutter6 @vampirelover1864 @sophiaishaq @legaciescwseries @alleraroberts9 @damnmikaelson @vampirediaress @_lily_132 @mernahadi1 @salvatorebrothersfan @vampire_diaries_fan @legaciessalvatore @kjapa12 @ilincastoian5 @luciamartinezz13 @shahafabr @btrexler1068 @ilovetvdlife @firsttribrid @simp_girl @thevampirediaries66 @vampirediariesedits_ @stelenatvd @damonismine @reesexlegacies @hope1864 @we_ship @violybetty5

The Josie to my Hope: @josieforbes (besties+soulmates)
You better follow her! She is the nicest person ever and is so amazing!!! Ilysm! 😘💝😂

The Damon to my Bonnie: @vampirediariestvd (besties forever)
She is the most supportive person I know! She is so sweet and we ALWAYS rant about TVD! I am so happy that I can get to know you! Ilysm😘❤️😂

The Lizzie to my Hope: @moviezx (besties forever)
Sweetest person ever!! I’m am so lucky to get to know her! She is SO nice, and always makes my day! You better follow her!! Ilysm! 💞😍😘😂

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