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STORY- ( ~ Image by Asahi / Yaku / Ushi

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~ Katsumi takes Rose to the hideout~

Katsumi- Just stay out here and i will talk to her and then when i tell you then you can come inside.

Rose- A-Alright.

Katsumi- *walks inside the other hideout and closes the door and turns around to so Yukina sittibg on the couch* Hey im back.

Yukina- Where is the food? And why did you take so long... DID YOU GET HURT?!

Katsumi- no, no. Im npt injured... but i found her.

Yukina- *freezes and slowly turns to look at Katsumi* Y- You mean you found my little sister?

Katsumi- *nods* i did and she is outside right now. She wants to meet you.

Yukina- R- Really?! Well hurry up i want to see my little sister again!

Katsumi- im glad you still love her as much as i do even though you know what she did to you.

Yukina- so what?! Mistakes get made. But i will always love her bc she is my sister.

Katsumi- Well first, i need to tell ypu some things before i let her meet you. She is dead like you. And she lost all her memory from when she was still living but i caught her up on the important history between you both.

Yukina- S-so she has to eliminate someone each day just like me?

Katsumi- Mhm. Well is there any other questions you have about her before i let her inside?

Yukina- D-does she know about our team? Our orginization?

Katsumi- No... i have not told her about any of that i wanted us both to tell her so then maybe she could understand everything a bit better.

Yukina- Alright. That is all the questions i have now can i please see my little sister?

Katsumi- Yes. *walks to the door and opens it* )

Author’s Notes- Aww the sisters reunite once again! 💕👏🥺

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