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fEaR mY pOoRlY dRaWn HaNdS Image by ✨uh;; sus????✨

fEaR mY pOoRlY dRaWn HaNdS pEcK nEcKs
I can't believe it *sniff*
Thank you all so much for,,, y' know *more sniff*

A N Y W A Y S !
I've been planning on doing a t h i n g . *insert dramatic drum music here*
I've been planning on doing...
A F A N A R T W A L L !!!
never heard of that?
did you ever like,, touched the internet-
Basically I'll fill one of my precious bedroom walls with your disgusting drawings that include my character(s)
(don't take me seriously okay I have very bad and dark humor your art talent is amazing and so is the fanart-)
I've talked with my mom with this and she agrees to help me do it pretty soon! :3
I've already picked the wall, it is pretty empty and boring for n o w.
I'll buy some string lights (if I find some), put the lights with the fanarts on the wall and TA-DAA!!
I'll surely take a photo of it and show y'all if this project goes as well as i'm predicting.
Tho I doubt that my wall will be capable of holding ALL of the fanart, so sorry if your drawing didn't make it out.
I'll also be putting some of the contest drawings (oh, you still remember that old contest too?) and other arts that feature my characters! I like seeing other characters that aren't mine too!
So yeah, this is pretty it-
I'm really excited-

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(also I know that no one cares but I bought BFB and Inanimate Insanity notebooks for school and I'M S O EXCITED TO SEE THEM WHEN THEY COME- I REALLY NEVER HAD A NOTEBOOK OF A FANDOM OR EVEN CHARACTERS IN MY E N T I R E LIFE-)