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orange complex - Image by 𝓦𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐘 ꒰ ᜊ‧₊˚


Note :
Hey! Im back! I think this is not a very good edit but i wanted to post. And please follow my new acc whith @coconuxgranqe , @miladywendy 💕

What happend to my acc?

So I wanted to explain that PicsArt went crazy, n one day i didn't have my acc. I tried EVERYTHING to get it back but it didn't let me. I was so sad so i decided to open a Pinterest acc (remembertouch if u want to fllw me)Months later, for my surprise I had the acc. n thats wht happend, wierd, i know.

edit information
Type of edit : complex ☆
Time doing it : too much lmao ☆
Mode : VERY tierd and happy☆
Followers : 481 tysm ♡
Celeb : Millie  Bobby Brown ♡
Colours : orange, pink and white☆
Text : im over getting over you☆

Hashtags :
- #orange
- #complex - #milliebobbybrown

Taglist: @coconuxgranqe @miladywendy
(dm me):
 💜 to be in the taglist
 🖤 to leave the taglist
 💙 if u changed ur username and the new one

Love u so much!


Credits to all that amazing editors who made the stickers

Ilysm ♡♡♡