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hamilton hamiltonmemes Image by Lovely Babes💗

open me🍦:

welcome to my restaurant

what would u like to order

entree🍔 (edit type): the boys

side dish🍟 (time): 9:49

drink🥤 (quality): 9/10 cute

dessert🎂 (mood): bored

check 📝 (time taken): 5 mins

notes from the author: hi luvs sorry for being an inactive but i was reading the best fanfiction ever written so yea- gn my children

my girls🥰💗: @lily_ham_fan @african_art_girl @philiphamilton1801 @eliza_schuyler1

Taggies🙈: @kinggeorgeisqueen @mqddison- @malloryk1 @_just_destiny_ @justatheaterkid @forever_a_potterhead @susieee_g @tilly241 @dahamfanharryp @weasleyisourking208 @hamilmemes

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ur perfect.

don’t mind these hashtags: #hamilton #hamiltonmemes #alexander #picsart #angelica #lams #anthonyramos #lin #peggy #hamiltrash #lovely_babes #schuylersisters #philip