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Istandwithmer uhm first i Image by fae ♥︎

first i really just wanna express my anger and disappointment to those people hating on other users. mer is probably super sad and feels the same way as well. you guys NEED TO stop hating on people for no reason or even just sending death threats. it is NEVER okay to do that and there is no reason to anyhow. it is beyond rude and disrespectful to them and probably other people to. so PLEASE stop this. if you want, or if you can atleast, follow or just show your support to mer. plez..? @-flcwer . dw mer we will ALWAYS be here with you. we luff chu mer! 🥺 please read the special message below i wrote for you, mer. #Istandwithmer

uhm why you scrollin ;-; you aren’t mer. go away.

i said go away smh you never listen.

fine you can stay ig 😒 but this is for mer only.

dear mer,
first off i wanna say that i am ALWAYS here for you. this must be hard trying to deal with this, and i get it. im so sorry this is happening to you. you literally seem like such a sweet person, yet they attack you for no reason and that’s what makes me so mad like can y’all not attack someone for like a second?! i swear pa is getting even more toxic everyday. but if you need anyone, im always here. just know a lot of people care about you and we stand by your side. sorry this is so short, but moral is we care about you and you’ll get through this! sorry this is super cringe but whatevs we luff chu! 🥺💞💓