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2 edits niches Image by i follow back!!!!❤️

🍁welcome!! pls read below!! there’s some important stuff btw!!

🍁first off sorry if i have some errors🥺

🍁life deets:
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✨date: thursday, october 1, 2020
✨time: 5:43 pm

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✨title: it hurts
✨edit time: 5 secs
✨type of edit: sad quote
✨what i want to say abt it: yall this has truly happened to me before. yall prob dc or whatever but this guy that i liked lemme just tell yall he was the absolute SWEETEST guy i have ever met in my entire life no cap. its rly suprising since thats so rare nowadays. this is talkin abt last year jan feb march. we would pass notes in class and he would write back, he told me he would be my friend, and he waved to me in the hallways. ik for a fact back in jan feb march that he didnt like me, he told me a thousand times, he was just a rly nice and sweet guy. when march rolled around last year he became more popular and started acting like a jerk. he wasnt the nice guy everyone knew him as anymkre. he changed, alot. anyway back in august i weote him a note saying how much of a jerk he was being and he took it as a big joke and showed every single one of his popular friends. they were making fun of me and laughing, yep even him. the nice sweet guy i knew changed amd was laughing at me. the point im trying to make is when we went back in our classroom at school, i told him to shut up bc i was rly sad and angry. he started mocking me and relating to this quote this is exactky word for word wat i felt. my friend even told me i git teary eyed right in front of my class. i hardly ever cry when someone mocks me bc i juat suck it up and move on. but this guy, the same guy that would wave to me in the hallways and show me kindness thats so rare nowadays just did that to me. the guy ive know for a while and hav eloved so much, he turns into a jerk. tbh i still cry abt this to this day and it breaks my heart even to think abt how nice he was🥺😭

🍁random things:
✨song of the day: teenage mind, tate mcrae (if y’all have any ideas for songs comment the song name and artist!)
✨quote of the day:

🍁things i’m doing now:
✨as u all know i do follow for follow
✨the emoji i use for each section is gonna change from each season

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✨ig that’s all lol

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🍁random notes:
✨stay safe!!
✨ur beautiful! don’t let anyone tell u otherwise!
✨don’t be mean no one likes mean ppl not saying u r :)
✨be happy!!
✨if u ever need to talk i’m here for y’all!!
✨i love every single one of y’all!
✨if y’all have any ideas abt wat i could improve in my acc pls comment! i love suggestions and improvements!

🍁have an amazing day/night love u all!!

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