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contest C o n t e s t R e Image by - 0 F F L 1 N E -

C o n t e s t R e s u l t s 🎉
Prizes will be mentioned with the certian placements!

1 s t P l a c e : (shoutout, edit, drawing, & collab) @alethedevilangel @lunamoonlightoffici
2 n d P l a c e : (shoutout, drawing or edit) @little_p0tato @sapphire_artz @kitkat379 @-stxrdxst-

3 r d P l a c e : (edit & shoutout) @your_mom_is_goat @nxght_stxr @natsu008 @mistypotato @-something_bunbun-

If you got in 3rd place or higher, comment and I will ask for a screenshot of your oc ^^

Additional Shoutouts to those who joined! @gachafairtale2 @katycuco_x @lps_endergirl_kitty @pitypartier @callmeetherealowo @custy_pie

For those who didn’t get in a place, I can make you guys edits when I finish the people that got into a certian place. Though it might take time because I’m back in school from fall break.

#contestresults #contest