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Today I'm going to tell you what Image by Avani💖

#freetoeditToday I'm going to tell you what happened when I opened this account, I was talking to a friend, when I made the first edit of Avani and tagged it in a minutes, she likes it and started to follow me, I told her my friend and I was super exited, I stayed up late for so much happiness , the truth is that thank you Avani, you are a very kind person, I love how you put on your makeup, You are a person that when I am not in the mood what you do I am happy with your videos, you are an example to follow.✨♥️
Thank you all!!🌹

Postscript: I loved how the image turned out, also that my country is Argentina 🇦🇷

I love you @theavaniigregg ✨