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a little apprecation post for my Image by chey✨💗

a little apprecation post for my dork🥺
from the first night we met, ill never forget how you flipped my world upside down. and this all started over a concussion. people have doubted us, told us we werent good together, and pushed our buttons. but to those people whove said that, this boy has made all thr bad days better, loved me when i shut him out, and has always made sure that at the end of the day that im cared for. we fight, we argue, and we yell. but when it all comes down to it, its all about that person you wanna spend forever with. thru hell or high water, ill always be by his side. i thank God everyday for him. ladies, wait and fight for what you want. i waited 2 months because he was what i wanted. i love you more than you could ever know. #inlove
“thats my girl”- griff 2020❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️