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rant _-Open-_ ⚠️RANT⚠️ (Sorry my babies Image by ...

_-Open-_ ⚠️RANT⚠️ (Sorry my babies 🥺)

So- First off, most of the gacha community are young kids so swearing or using ‘cOlOrFuL’ language is awful. So many of the people that look up to you are young so stop using strong language. 😌✨

Secondly, is there a worse way to explain yourself without getting hate from people- People will find some of it rude.

Third - I never insulted, hate, criticize or bullied you but you still blocked me. 🥳❤️

Forth - Almost all of your ‘haters’ are people who have tried to help you when you were in a relationship while you are a minor. We were trying to protect you and keep you safe.

Fifth - I had to stop an edit to do this because one of my friends sent me the link to the post and do my reaction and opinion on it. 🙃

Sixth - Literally nobody was hating on your ‘sister’ if she even is your sister. (I think you are the same person).

Seventh - The post when your ‘sister’ said, “Ew, I don’t like girls” Was that really the best way to put it? You could of just said, “Sorry, I don’t date girls because I have a boyfriend but we can be friends!” But no-

Sorry about this again but it has to be done.
@sal_the_cat @unicorn_cat_uwu #brxkxnlxsxr_ #rant