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Hello everyone!💙I‘m Image by -𝐇🌷𝐌𝐄𝐘𝐑𝐀-

Hello everyone!💙I‘m back;)
And i have things to announce:
✔︎-Since we have holidays, i will be active on the Switch. And i thought, maybe some of you have it too and we could play games together!🤗
-and for chatting/communicating and stuff, i decided that we could do it on Snapchat(because i don't have instagram or discord😅)
I did a new account and you can add me there! ( @huemeyralale )
-but not only for chatting while playing, you can talk to me on there too. If you have any problems or need a person to talk with, i‘m always there and i would love listen to you. Maybe i could help you out too!😇
(You can also add me if you want to became friends of course;)
✔︎-And i want to change my editing process too.
-At the moment, i often noticed that pictures were stolen by others and some have also remixed my pictures(even without doing anything) and that really annoyed me and that's why i want to add watermarks to my pictures😕
-A few things will be added on the description too(for an example, i want to add the time, but in germany we don‘t have AM/PM. After 12 o’clock, we continue with 13,14,15.. so i hope this will be ok for you😅)
-And i decided to make all of my pictures in dark. If everything is in a same color shade, then i personally like it more and i think that it looks like it has more „order“ and that's why i want my pictures to be like that🙃
Anyways, i hope you will have a great time and great holidays! Stay safe and spread positivity!💙 #readdescription