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Here is the 1000 follower Image by 🌸Astrid Uchiha🌸

Here is the 1000 follower edit! I spent over a few weeks on this and it was supper difficult. I tried but I don’t really like it so sorry... I’m going to take a bit of a break for x-mas and New Years so if I’m not active on those days MERRY X-MAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!💖 Ilysm and I hope you have an amazing day!💖
Sorry this took so long


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Do you have Roblox? Well if you do, I made a Group you can join! It’s called
“Hidden Lead Village Ninja’s”

If you want to join the group here is what you do:

𒊹︎Go to my account FirceAstrid

𒊹︎Scroll down to see what groups I’m in

𒊹︎Go to the Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Group.

𒊹︎Press join group.

𒊹︎When you join the group if you comment “Ramen Fam” I will make you a Shinobi Level!

𒊹︎And tell me your username In comments on this post!

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