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storytime bts suga Image by I.N's Wife ~ Hiatus

#freetoeditSo um... there’s a few stories about the blank ones...
1. I need braces but I can’t afford them rn.
2. I love Jimin a lot, but I am in love with @/official_jeongin
3. I like recieving gifts sometimes, but not to where it draws too much attention or when it’s extremely expensive. (I’m lowkey humble & I don’t like to flex.)
4. It’s not that I don’t like people, it’s that I am afraid of social judgement. (It’s called “Sociophobia” and Yoongi also has this or something similar.)
5. I used to have a really bad swearing problem. It was to the point where every other word was a swear word and I would sometimes accidentally swear in front of my parents when I got mad. (They were not happy) I will slip up every once in a while now, but I am much better.

Anyways... that’s the storytime.

Biggest Fan: @simp4felix
#minyoongi #storytime #bts #suga #sugabts #yoongibts #yunki #rapper #pianist #depression
#remixed from @theintrovertoutcast , @allanaposts