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1 rm bts kpop Halloween [ post ] [ The GIF by hiatus

Halloween [ #1 post ]

[ The next one will be better, I promise. I suck at making gifs ): ]

I'll be covering the 7 Princes of hell according to the "Ars Goetia"

1. Paimon / RM
2. Beleth / ?
3. Asmodai / ?
4. Zagan / ?
5. Purson / ?
6. Vine / ?
7. Bael / ?

Paimon is one of the Kings of Hell, more obedient to Lucifer than other kings are, and has two hundred legions of demons under his rule. He has a great voice and roars as soon as he comes.

Paimon teaches all arts, philosophies and sciences, and secret things; he can reveal all mysteries of the Earth, wind and water, what the mind is, and where it is, and everything the conjurer wants to know. He gives good dignities familiars and confirms them, and binds men to the conjurer's will.

Appearance :
Paimon is depicted as a man with an effeminate face, wearing a precious crown, and riding a dromedary. Before him often goes a host demons with the shape of men, playing trumpets and any other sort of musical instrument.

I chose RM for this because of obvious reasons.
- a king
- has a roaring voice
- is well aware of worldly affairs
- gives great advice
- Paimon rhymes with Rapmon 😂

#halloween2018 #rm #bts #kpop

P.s. WE LOVE YOU ISABEL 😭💓 @angelseok