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Happy 7 years with BTS♥️ Here’s a GIF by Not-Active

Happy 7 years with BTS♥️
Here’s a simple gif by me💜
And here My letters by me
For BTS 7th year

Dear my love

“Kim Namjoon,Kim SoekJin,Min Yoongi,Jung Hoseok,Park Jimin,Kim Taehyung,Jeon Jungkook”(BTS)

It’s been 7 years for you guys
For me it’s been more than 4 years Since I known you in 17/1/2017!!

The Times flows,Year by year and my love gets more for each of you every Day♥️
I had and have so much with you even I have never meet you(I wish to)I don’t know How to describe my feelings.It’s really Deep in my heart, I laughed a lot with you,I cried a lot with you,I still Remember you I hear that you’re in Dubai airport.I cried it’s was 11pm,I got that feeling that I don’t know how to explain it,you all where 1 hour in the car far away from me.Is it a real Love?!yeah I think it’s a real love!!

I love you♥️
I will be always in your side
I will never forget you
Knowing you was The Best moment in my Life💜✨
@jeonjaekook Date: 13/6/2020,2:50pm
Thanks you for reading it✨
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