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kpopedits bts jhope Hoseok GIF by I Miss Hyunsik 😭

Hoseok uwu 😍💜🌸 EGO is a bop 😭✊💜🌸 I was so glad it was our sunshine for ego😭💜🌸

~ I had to screenshot the MV to get the clip art I used for the background 😅 I'm so sorry if you see black around the tv my eyes are still bad and I can't see very well 😅 this is the best I can do 😭💔😅

~ this was inspired by seokmeyzz🙈💖🌸

♡ song suggest  - The Boyz  - Reveal  💖🌸

♡ group suggest  check out -  DKB uwu💖🌸

♡ TIME taken  - 56 mins
#kpop #kpopedits #bts #jhope #junghoseok