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Nancy Spasic
@koolblu2 :))) Thanks for texting, yay for for u my sweet sis friend u made one and it's nice, nice camera for the fireworks photo! I'm still on my S5 but ready for a 7 if we can swing it ... $... 'cause of low storage my emojis (sp) won't show unless
Nancy Spasic
Cont. .....it pops up after a word ...lol...anyway,, I saw one of your pics but couldn't get to your site...glad u r having fun.😊 ☺ 💛 👍 (see they just popped up) Have a wonderful evening 🍃 ☺ 🌜 🌟 🌜 🌟 🌟 💛
Deborah Brasic
@koolblu2 hi joy!!! Good to see you. I was looking for you. I couldnt remember your name ☆☆☆glad i found you ahain♡♡♡♡ great pic btw♡♡♡

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