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taehyung v Important! (To me..) Okay GIF by j a d e

Important! (To me..)

Okay so.. I had to do this a long time ago but I was too busy and kinda scared haha-
First of all, I'm sorry about edit requests and Collabs... I'll do them, But I really don't have time Rn.. I have school and I have to help my family..
Everyday, First I wake up, go to eat breakfast, go to school. Then I come to home, eat and Make my homework. Then I'll help my mom cuz my dad is still working. At the weekends I'm studuing (we have a lit of tests) and Helping my parents. I hope you understant me..
I have been A lil bit .. Down/sad too
I don't have so much time to my friends or anything anymore irl. I have a lil bit problems and yeah..~
Yesterday when I was at the school, my friend asked, "you look like you're gonna cry. What's wrong?"
And my answer: "It's nothing haha"
I don't wanna ruin your day with saying "im sad" or "everything is bad" , because I'm trying to be normal and when peoples are normal and says something funny they Make me happy. That's the reason why I say always "I'm fine".
Thank you for everyone Who have been always with me and Make me happy.
I have many friends here and I dunno what I can do without you all~
Mostly thank you for Hajni, Kawther and Lucas. Hajni is my bestfriend here. You are my closest Internet friend.
Kawther you are like a bigsis to me. And I love it when take care about me.
And Lucas... Well- I love youπŸ’œ I love your hugs UwU~ (We are irl friends haha-) you are the reason why I want to get up from my bed everymorning..~

I'm not Leaving or anything. (Yet-)
I just wanted to tell to u.
You know, Only reason why I Havent leave yet, is you all. My friends. My followers. Fans..

I was Leaving once, but then this one person, Mad, Said she will miss me so much. I will miss you too.
I will miss you all when I'll leave.
But I promise, I'm not gonna do it yet❀

13th November

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