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wintermoodboard GIF by ~ Joonie Edits ~

*Read For Short Christmas BTS Story*

BTS Kim Namjoon Christmas Street At Night Edit 🎄❤️

Short Story By The Talented @im_aakshicles ❤️🎄

~ Fall Season ~ (Pun Intended 😉)

"Finally you're here! It took you ages!" Namjoon takes quick steps towards you while holding several carefully wrapped presents. Namjoon's dark hair bounced up and down as he eagerly walked. The way he would shut his eyes everytime the powdery snow made contact with his skin made him look even more cuter than he already was. The way he would smile and his adorable dimples would appear warms you up inside in this cold weather.

"It's icy! Be carefu-" Namjoon was meters away from you before he slipped on the ice. You let out a loud gasp, covering your mouth with your hands. The presents that were once wrapped perfectly were flying out in every direction, one even landing on Namjoon's head, leaving the man on the floor in confusion and embarrassment. You cautiously jog up to him, silently giggling to yourself as you lifted the presents. You gently shake each of the boxes in order to check if they're broken. Most of them made sounds of shattered glass as you shook them. It was clear that most of them were broken. The crowd had stopped to just look, none of them daring to lend a hand.

"Are you okay?" You question after picking all the boxes up. Namjoon quietly followed you with his hands in his coat pocket. It wasn't his fault. It was dark and slippery, the only source of light being the lampposts which hardly illuminated the street.

"I'm sorry I ruined Christmas, I should've been more careful. All the shops are closed by now so we won't be able to get new ones." He spoke softly. You could feel the guilt in his voice as he looked down to the ground.

"Nothing can ruin Christmas, not even the fact that all our gifts for the boys are broken" You give him a smile which he immediately returns, his dimples appearing. "Don't worry about it. I'm pretty sure they'll understand." And with that, you both place all the damp gifts in your car and drive off to celebrate your Christmas with the rest.


So Cute! Thank You Again @im_aakshicles For The Help ❤️❤️

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