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minhee seongmin hyeongjun jungmo taeyoung GIF by πŸ’œ

✨🌸🍰{TYSM FOR 4K!}🍰🌸✨

Hi!πŸ’–How are you?πŸ’—I hope you are fine!πŸ’I wanted to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 4K!πŸ’I don’t even deserve 4 followers!πŸ˜’πŸ’•YOU ARE THE BEST!πŸ’žYOU ALL SO SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT TO ME!πŸ’•I LOVE YOU ALL ENDLESSLY!πŸ’

{🍬}Group: Cravity
{🎟}Member(s): OT9
{🍧}Theme: Cute&Soft
{πŸ’«}Type: GIF
{πŸ—“}Date: 07 June 2020
{🧁}Mood: 😞☹️
{🍭}Weather: β˜€οΈ
{🎢}Song recommendation: The Boyz-D.D.D

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{Tags} #cravity #minhee #seongmin #hyeongjun #jungmo #taeyoung #serim #woobin #wonjin #allen #pink #soft #aesthetic #kpop #kpopedit #kpopaesthetic #freetoedit