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people emma Image by Yer a brick, Harry 🧱✨

WHAT ?!?!

Here’s my THANK YOU speech to you frens

I know that usually people start from the “best people” but I wanna make this a little bit different. I appreciate even the least known people here! Today I’m giving everyone equal love <3

Sam, Maggie, Alice, Laia, Shay, Shar, Lyssa, Jordyn, Soph, May, Brayden - thank you so much for being on PicsArt! Even if we don’t talk, I appreciate knowing, that y’all are around ! You are WONDERFUL ! and if I haven’t mentioned somebody that knows me and I know them, tell me in the comments !! Every person is important ☺️Love you ❤️

A note - as much as I didn’t like the massive fight (the ones who are in the group will know) I know that all wars, arguments, fights at some point end, and that they teach us what to do and what not to do and to appreciate our friends, their daily support, respect strangers, stay quiet when people you don’t like talk.. there’s nothing bad that wouldn’t come out to be good later

Sarah, Pia, Inspirational Twinkle, Aria, Millie, Lyssa, Mari - we don’t talk that much, but I really love you guys ! I like to have short talks and to comment under your talented posts ! Love you 🧡

Chely, Kayla, Elly, Abbey, Salimah, Anna, sugarxsweet and Hailey (I hope that when she comes back we can solve our argument and be fantastic friends again ♥️) - I’ve known most of you for a really long time now ! Some of you since the summer start actually :) I have so many amazing memories, a few bad too, but life wouldn’t be life without daily problems. So I hope that we can all stay friends, because arguments are tearing apart this big friendship. Love you 💛

Nina, wow I haven’t talked to you in like 2 months ?!?! And you were my PicsArt bestie, so I hope that we can somehow connect again, because I missed your crazy life stories and threatening to Gabriel 😂Love youu ! 💙💚

And finally,

Em, MAH TWINSY, I know that you’re not here at the moment, but YOU are literally the smartest, the most helpful, caring, luving, killer-I MEAN (shh) normal conversation partner, guardian when Duo birb and chicky chicken comes, mother, daughter, glitter-wedding-planner, pasta and lasagna lover, super talented, cute, crushie-stalker “I-will-steal-that-man-from-8th-graders-and-what-will-you-do-about-it”, justice for grasshoppers founder, le poetic person, best ukulele player (pssh I already know that you’ll be the best at it as soon as you get it) 💧👄💧
Love you ♥️🎉 (glitter heart 😂)

and to every single person that follows me, that I follow, YOU ALL ARE THE BEST 🌟

Man that was long, my eyes are dying

Also I spent 3 hours making this edit. And I remade this 6 times. 6 TIMES. Because PicsArt kept throwing me out of the app when I was in the middle each time AND PicsArt did it again 6th time, but before that I managed to take screenshot and then I continued to finish my edit. So I would have posted it yesterday if I didn’t have to redo it each time.


💕🧁 му ѕωєєтiєѕ 🧁💕

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