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dcfashionsketch, fashion drawing Image by DarkOrchid

#dcfashionsketch , Top Ten - 3rd Place
Drawn and Painted in PicsArt on a 4" screen smartphone.
Not just a fashion, not just music
...MOD (short for Modernist), was a way of life in the 1960s for British youth, looking to break free from the strictness of the 50s generation.
Associated with Mods- Black and white, two tone colours, bold geometric patterned clothing, stripes, polka dots, headbands, sunglasses, bold jewellery, fishtail parkas, trilbys, suits, The Who, The Kinks, scooters....., the arch enemy the Rockers and British film, Quadrophenia. #fashion #drawing #art #retro #dcfashionsketch