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اسف على عدم التقاط الصورة بشكل جيد ...لانها من اول الصور التي التقطت Oranges are a great component ofany self-respecting fruit bowl, and there are times of year when theyare truly irresistible 5-Star fruit. Late winter and spring in Europe see the best quality oranges from Spain, Italy and North Africa – a time to indulge!As well as being packed with vitamin C, oranges are the ideal snack-on-the-move with their built-in protection of a thick skin, and of course can be juiced when plentiful and cheap. There are a number of different orange varieties that have quite different eating qualities, and there is a significant impact of seasonality on availability and eating quality. We will guide you through the seasons and point out the best!
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Mohamed Inrhawn
hhh All oranges for you my best frnd @ronahi ;)
Mohamed Inrhawn
u r welcome :)

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