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A story from my past, I have always love art, I remember me and my brother four years older than me shared this creative passion as young kids. So when I started school. And there was contest between all the schools, a art contest. I was so excited. We were given clay and asked to make something out it. Been a kid who loved making things with my big bro. I shared my clay parcel with him. We each made something. He showed me how to kneading it and smooth it out with water. When our clay ornaments were finished dry I decided to take both to school to show my teacher. Well obviously my brothers one was better done which I was so proud of. But I loved the bear I made and it was still the best in my age category in class. But my teacher told me to enter my brothers Indian woman bust as my own. I refused but she insisted and been just a kid I felt I had no choice. Well the bust was entered and guess what it got rejected on the bases the judges could clearly see that a six year couldn't have made it. The teacher never told them she insisted I enter it. And I have never recovered from that deceit or feeling like my own bear was not good enough. I still feel anything I make is not good enough. Just thought I will share my story with you.