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Congrats! 💯deserved dear friend. Its not shown now in top 10 - not sure what happened 😔pa has a system that is faulty. I had same thing happen to two of my pics in wreath contest 2nd and 4th place but pa claims the computer or algorithms took them out cuz I had edited details to say thanks to all. It supposedly affects hashtag. Anyway, you deserved win - you got the votes! Happy holidays mdf 💙💜💚🎁🎄love ur work as u know. Peace
Sylvie Girard
@ecervone Thanks anyway..It's the second time. . 🙄 Anyway..always have good friends like you here.. that's the most important. . Have a great holiday my sweet friend 😚😚😚
Wow wow. ........ This is an absolute gorgeous photo thank you for sharing it with us!

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