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myedit happynewyear 2018 bts Image by ✨ mish 꽃 ✨

🎊🎉!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!🎉🎊
man oh man it’s 2018 already that’s amazing haha
I hope everyone has the chance to enjoy their celebrations and start the new year on a good foot :3
I was looking through my account and everything that happened throughout the year here, and I just can’t tell you guys how thankful I am to every single one of you
A year ago, I barely hit 100 followers, my edits were ... well ... quite embarrassing haha but at the time I thought they were the best that I could do. But honestly, looking at how much I’ve improved really made me think, it was all because of you guys :) if it weren’t for all of you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today with nearly 34 k ;-; I just wish I could express this more it’s just incredible
I wanted to say that I love you all and appreciate each and every one of you so so much thank you for everything everyone 💖💖💕✨ I am thankful to all the friends I made on here and the friends I have around me who supported me in improving my edits and making sure that each request was met :3
there was also so many things that happened this year, both good and bad but I encourage everyone to keep their heads held high and enjoy life to the fullest no matter what happens :3 don’t focus on the negative of things, life is worth more than the negative thoughts 💕 with everything that happened this past year, don’t forget them, but don’t dwell on them either. We all need the negative so we can put the positives in front of us :)

but anyways haha I can’t believe this is the start of another year :3 I honestly hope that you all have a great time, celebrate, eat lots, get enough rest, and stay safe everyone !!!

~ on another note, I finished Descendants of the Sun today and holy god
absolute fav 10000/10 I can’t w it I really recommend this drama it was amazing 💕 bless

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