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👩‍🔬- Drum roll please! 🥁 Helloooo, my lovelies. Today I have awesome news to announce... I finally decided to host an editing challenge I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time now. It has to do with my stickers. The rules are really simple and if you want to participate then just leave a comment saying, “join”

- Use 3 or more of my stickers in your edit
- Mention the stickers you used if it doesn’t show as freetoedit
- Use the hashtag #steyckerchallenge (no “i”) so I can see 👀 those beautiful edits
- Have fun!

*Keep in mind that throughout the contest, I’ll be posting many more stickers. (Max 3 entries per person, so don’t worry!)

Be creative & unique!~ If your edit is inspired by someone, please do give them credit. Thanks 💗

Here’s an example of an edit using 3 of my stickers.
- Flowers on Jimin’s head
- Leaf on J-hope’s head
- Cherries on J-hope cheeks

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY STICKERS!! I had that happen several times, but let it slide... I won’t this time though

**OMG!! My app keeps acting up and crashing :|
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