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kpopedit nct nctedit ncttaeyong Image by ela // 🌙

#freetoedit- 💕

- holly hell omg omg omg !! its been a yEAR SINCE i STARTED THIS ACC !! and nEVER DID I THINK I WOULD GET THIS FAR !! ive managed to make great friends,, edit fam, lucia and anyone whos ever talked to me rlly,, i became vip which still blows my mind and the mOST IMPORTANT I MANGAED TO MAKE PPL HAPPY,, this was the goal of this acc to be able to spread happines and make ppl happy in any way,, my edit style has changed sm since i first began but this edit was inspired my first edit on this acc, oof itvwas a mess,, and to celebrate my one year it was only fair that i made an edit of the actual loml i love this boy w every piece of my heart,, everytime i look and see him i fall in love w him all over again ,, i love him and just wanna hug him !!

- ❣️
:: i love you all ty for sticking w me for a year !! school is almost over and im thinking of a challenge so look towards that ayee,,

- 💫
:: requests open !!

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