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@stefyyt tagged me Image by Katoka - chan

#freetoedit @stefyyt tagged me soo....
1. Katoka chan
2. Brown
3. Clear brown (almost blonde)
4. I love singing in my room with all volume heaadphones and to imagine i am at a concert
5. Grey, black, blue, purple....
6. Idk my room or when i am playing guitar or with my friends
7. Umm i love a lot of singers in k pop and in j rock or pop
8. I love all animals specially dogs and cats but i dont like some bugs
9. FOB - church. Cant sleep and make me fade, NEFEX -best of me and things as nirvana mcr and k pop, j rock
10. Take a bow and the war that saved my life i actually have more bc i love reading but if i told ya i would take years