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exo exosehun ohsehun taexotic Okay so Image by tata🎡

Okay so hi!🥀
I wanna say a few things.
First of all, thankyou so much for 2.4K followers. You did that for me despite me not having an edit up for so long.
Second, that being said, i really do apologise for becoming a freaking ghost. I feel so bad. I just lost inspiration with my edits and didn't feel that good with my edits since they were starting to look kind of bland. But, hopefully i will be back now?.


Also, tempo was a bop (i still need to listen to the whole album yeah...) but like... Why even add Lay if you are gonna give him 2 seconds of screen time sm? Like, he's not even in the concept photos right? Like SM, wth.

Sehun- miss-moon29 and toohyungs

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