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pjpalette kpop bts Image by welcome to mooniverse


Hello guys look! I finally was able to decide on the winners for the #pjpalette contest! Sorry for the long wait..πŸ’«

Shoutout to my friends and @steyi for helping me with picking the winners and sharing your opinions with me!πŸ’•

Without more further ado here are the winners and their prizes:

P R I Z E S:

Price for everyone: edit will be shown in my upcoming YouTube video❀

1st place:
β€’ special shoutout on my social media
β€’ follow
β€’ 3 requests: edit/icon/wallpaper/ watermark
β€’ 3 reposts

2nd place:
β€’ special shoutout on my Instagram
β€’ follow
β€’ 2 requests: edit/ icon/ wallpaper/ watermark
β€’ 3 reposts

3rd place
β€’ follow
β€’ 1 request: edit/ icon/ wallpaper/ watermark
β€’ 3 reposts

1st Place @krahun :
HELL YEAH!! GIRL your edits were all amazing it was really hard for us to choose which one to pick first. We eventually settled with the taetae one😍 I'm so proud of you and seeing how much you have improved in such a short amount of time! Keep upπŸ’«

2nd Place @sofi707 :
I really loved it how you were able to include all the colors! It's a very beautiful and creative edit!πŸ’« keep up with the amazing work your edits are very good!!πŸ’›

3rd place @worldwidemochi :
Your edit of jin was very amazing and unique! The way you incorporated the butterfly and the flowers is very beautiful. I have no words to describe itπŸ’• keep up with the amazing workπŸ’«

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED (I'm going to list them all here soon so make sure to check them out and give every single one of them some love)

And dont be sad that you didn't win! Everyone's edit was amazing and it was very difficult for us to pick winners! So I will show everyone's edit in my upcoming YouTube video so you better make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn in my post notifications so you won't miss it!!πŸ’–
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