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jenscollabchallenge Image by ❁ goodbye, loves ❁

#jenscollabchallenge winners!
• thanks for joining this contest! I hope you all enjoyed it. I sure enjoyed seeing your beautiful edits!
✧ here are the winners!✧
1. @armytr8 and @_gucci_queen_
2. @taewoop and @sscgr99
3. @mingurl_3105 and @bts_iu
• to the winners: Congrats! Head on over to the contest announcement post to see what your prizes are. For specific things such as color, person, etc comment under this post!

• to all who participated: Thank you so so much and i really hope you enjoyed it! All your edits were beautiful, it was truly hard to pick the best. I hope you met and collabed with some great people!
《 2/1/19 》
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#jenscollabchallenge #contestwinners
Btw please ignore that i messed up the hashtag in the post lol bye