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[ • ] >> Note for all the Image by hiatus

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> Note for all the editors :

Sometimes we don't have inspiration so we take a break ( very human thing to do )
We also beat ourselves about it and apologize for it ( you do you sis )
In my opinion, editing should be relaxing.
Most of us do this as a hobby.
When you start thinking about it more as a hobby and not as something you must commit to, then you'll have so much inspiration ( personal experience )

So get inspired. Think crazy. Think creative. Post that draft. Work on that abandoned edit. Post that edit you think is trash. Just do it and have fun!
Don't be scared because you will be judged.
So what if your edit isn't as good as others or your earlier edits.
That's how you will learn! And if people don't like you at your worse, they don't deserve it at your best. Make your followers a part of your growth. Let them see where you've come from and where you are.

Let editing be the ONE thing that does not stresses you out.

Peace ✌️