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[ ✔️ ] [1] Don't Try : Now now Image by hiatus

[ ✔️ ]

[1] Don't Try :

Now now you lazy beans, I'm not telling you to give up on editing or stop putting effort into editing. But let all your effort cease at that.
You cannot somehow telepathically tell people to like what you do. Your business was to edit and post something.
Now it's the audience's business to give feedback in the form of likes and comments.
It's not you who's not doing the job, It's THEM.
So sit back and relax because you did your part.

[2] How to get verified on PicsArt?

-Wrong Question

• What to do if you're not verified on PicsArt?

Keep being consistent with your edits and don't give up. More than half of the people leave editing before they even reach 1k followers. Don't be one of them.
I'll be honest, your work doesn't have to be mind blowing, it needs to have potential.
TMI : I sucked at editing (look at my previous edits or on a second thought, DON'T) but I still kept on going. I'm not talented, period. I just kept on doing it again and again and again. You'll reach a point where you are satisfied with what you're creating and trust me, people will NOTICE!

•Perks of being a verified person:

Let's be real. We don't have that many perks except that blue check that's ngl is exciting for a week or so.
We also have a VIP chat that is flooded with 99+ messages you really don't care about- but hey, if that's your speed, be my guest :)
We do have more editing filters than you guys but if you're gold subscriber, you actually have more perks than us.

[3] Some of us cannot edit:

We really can't. If you really don't get editing but you still want to try it - that's amazing! Keep doing that!
I see many people complain about not being like *this amazing editor* or *that amazing editor*. You cannot edit like them, period. Let's take a deep breath and accept the fact that not every one can be extraordinary because if everyone was extraordinary, by definition, no one will be extraordinary. Be mediocre and be proud.

[4] Public opinion doesn't/does matter

Internet is the worst place to seek validation. Don't do it, sweetie 💕
Speaking from personal experience, there are going to be edits you're really proud of but the audience doesn't like it and there are going to be edits that you think are so-so but they become a hit.
So you know, you can either make yourself happy or you can make these strangers on the internet happy. Your call.

[5] How to be the best editor on PicsArt?

You all are still not convinced huh? How do you think I know the answer? I'm definitely not the best!

And that's my point. Someone is out there who thinks that I'm the best editor (wishful thinking lmao) . I myself think *insert editor name* is the best. He/she thinks *insert another editor name* is the best. It's RELATIVE.
And I'll say it again, not all of us can be great at editing. You must be good at something else - something you don't know about.
Meanwhile stick to editing and see where it takes you. Enjoy it and who knows you might be the best editor on PicsArt according to someone :)