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... - okay so I will address Image by hiatus


- okay so I will address something.

this has been building up for quite some time now.

I do not understand why some people have suddenly disliking me and my edits so much.

What have I been doing so wrong?

I will agree, I censor hate comments from the section because I don't want to start a witch Hunt just because I can.

I never ever used to receive such comments. As my following is growing, so are the number of such comments.

I do understand that these things are not hurtful to others as much as it is to ME. The person may not have had a bad feeling against me.

So let me explain... I am quite sensitive. I really treat everyone on here like my family, help as much as I can if people DM me (ask anyone if I have ever refused to tell how I made an edit or something) and raise my voice against things I do not support- from K-pop crimes to Piracy on PicsArt.

Even after that, I still get this.

Then I don't want it.

I don't want so many followers.

I don't want to be part of this anymore.

So please treat everyone nicely. Everyone deserves it and so do I.

I remember Raquel (hibyesheme) asking me if there is anything I'm not good at...

Well there is a lot of things but I'm horrible at handling such criticism. Even if I leave, it won't matter. They'll find someone else to put down and I won't let that happen.

Don't like my edits? Tell me how I can make them better. Don't just comment things and compare me to people.