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this is ava speaking!

gate Ⓑ and gate Ⓒ, your plane will be taking off soon!

🛫 hello everyone and welcome to aloe airlines! we are so glad that we get to take you here on our journey through this edit of clairo! 🛫

[✈️]- time taken.... 40 minutes
[🏝]- color scheme.... 🍊🍇🐚
[🌎]- rating.... 8/10
[🌧]- theme.... complex edit

[☀️]- question otp.... have u started school yet?
[🌊]- shoutout otp.... @arianangeledits [🌴]- song otp.... sofia- clairo
[🏖]- quote otp.... “a wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows she has none.” ~marilyn monroe

🛩 well it looks like we have landed! before u leave here are some things u might want to know 🛩
- contest coming soon!

ignore this paragraph-
ok if ur reading this then uh ciao. so i heard that clairo recently came out as bi and i’m so so so proud of her. she’s my idol and i’d do anything in this world to protect her, u know from those homophobics. 😂✌🏻

there are exits on both front and back sides of the plane.

i hope you enjoyed your time here on aloe airlines! we hope to see you again soon for our next edit! drive safely. 😉

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“not caring is not cute”
remember that.

-ava ✈️

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