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[ • ] I hope you all are aware of what is happening in Hong Kong.
If not, I'll try to explain it to the best of my knowledge.

Hong Kong is a semi autonomous asian country and is under the Chinese government. That simply means that not all rules of China are imposed here. For example, the people of Hong Kong have the right to free speech and can surf internet without any restrictions ( People in China cannot do so).

In May, a bill was proposed called the "extradition bill" which would allow people of Hong Kong accused of 'xyz' to be taken/extradited to China. This would mean those people would lose their freedom and would be convicted under the strict Chinese laws. [ This is as much I know, be sure to do your own research ]

Since then protests have been going on continuously in Hong Kong in opposition of the bill The Chinese government has been trying to turn the world on its side through false or controlled news narratives.
Protests can get ugly and there has been violence involved. The protesters are doing everything they can like cutting face identifying poles (pretty bada*s)

Currently, the bill has been withdrawn as announced by Carrie Lam (this is one shady woman, do your research) but the protests and demonstrations are to continue to reach the other 4 demands because the withdrawal of the bill was "too little, too late". They want all the 5 demands to be fulfilled and "not one less".

We cannot do much for them but at least we can pray for them and spread correct information. Hong Kong is very close to my heart and I really do hope their sacrifice will be worth something.

#remixed from @oldsouls