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[ 💜 ] Maybe I am the last one to Image by 𝓛 🤍

[ 💜 ]

Maybe I am the last one to make a post for this but I don’t really care about being late or not because the most important part is doing it

So, with that being said ( I don’t really know if ut makes sense for you, sorry ), let’s continue

Happy birthday to the best leader bts could have ever found

Namjoon is one of the most inspirational man of our generation. He is smart and talented. Just look at him, he is Namjoon. There are not enough word

Thank you for being here since the beginning, being the beat leader ever, the best inspiration ever

Thank you for starting the love yourself campaign and, through the past years, saving people’s life with your lyrics and your work
Thank you for showing us the way to love ourselves and helping us on the path of self-love
Thank you for trying to make this world better
Thank you for being you Namjoon
You made us cry, you made us laugh, you inspires us, you helped and you will still do this for a long time
Thank you for all the songs you’ve composed, your songs are deep, they have a meaning, they have a story, they tell something ; they are here when we need them, they comfort us
This might not be the best birthday message, maybe it is confusing to understand, maybe you will never read it Namjoon
But I am still writing it
Because you deserve as much recognition and love as anyone
You are beautiful and talented, have an open mind and are really smart
In the end, thank you very much Namjoon
Happh birthday

~ I am really sorry if you got confused by this, welcome in my mind
I actually am really emotional writing this, I don’t really know why though
I hope you enjoyed the edit more than the caption ( I still think my edits are bad, but the caption is the worse today )

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Idol : Kim Namjoon ( BTS )

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Song recommendation :

• Reflexion - BTS
• Tokyo - RM
• Forever Rain - RM

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Namjoon stickers : @/taintedbby
Other stickers : owners

Sorru for the lack of quality content, I am basically alive thanks to vitamins