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🇪🇦New edit by Vale, of a totally grandiose and talented girl, is grace vanderwaal and I want to thank you @gardenrosee because if you didn't find your publications I wouldn't know grace existed. I hope you like it and if you don't know it, like me one day anyone look for it on youtube and your beautiful voice will captivate you, Bye
🇪🇦Nuevo edit de Vale, de una chica totalmente grandiosa y talentosa, es grace vanderwaal y quiero darle las gracias @gardenrosee porque si no ubiera visto sus publicaciones no sabría que grace existía. Espero les guste y si no la conosen, como yo un día cualquiera busquen la en youtube y su hermosos voz las va a cautivar,. Bye.

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Color: pink
Person: grace vanderwaal
Contest: no
Colab: no
Theme: complex
Mood: happy and Tired
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🍭 @gardenrosee Thank you, without you I wouldn't know grace
Time: 30 minutes 9:25
Tags : #gracevalderwaal #gracevalderwaaledit #pink #complex

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