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taehyung ~Happy Birthday Image by Mini🤍✨

#freetoedit ~Happy Birthday Tae♥️
This message is coming from someone who you don't even know but her world turns just because of you 💕You are the reason she smiles everyday✨You are her favourite person 💫You are the peace she craves in this chaotic world 🥀
Unknowingly you made her life a lot better that even she couldn't find out how?😍She fell in love with you because you loved her when she couldn't love herself 💖But she doesn't only love you because you are successful,handsome ,rich she loves you because you are kind ,jolly ,you have a golden heart😘She feels that every little think about you is so amazing and just perfect ⚡Thank you so much for bringing a big difference in her life and making her happier💕
Well that she/her is me a 16 year old who is hopelessly in love with you 😌
Happy Birthday My love 🌎
Every day I pray for your well-being 💟This year may you become healthier,happier and may you get whatever your heart desires 🥀Just like any other person you also go through a lot but never ever feel sad about those nasty hate comments and negative stuff because a single tear drop from your eye breaks my heart(including many hearts)Into million peices😭
Whatever makes you happy also makes me happy remember that so always be happy ✨
May 2020 be the best year of your life and bring you lots of love ,joy, appreciation and success 😇
You mean the world to me and I love you Baby🌎♥️
Your Wifey♥️

#happytaehyungday #happyvday #borntovloved #kimtaehyung #taehyung
#remixed from @bangtansloser