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billieeilish clairo collab Image by MAD WORLD

~Β°β€’[ collab with @martinimel- ]β€’Β°~

πŸ’«β†£edit type | collab/ complex
❄↣ celeb | billie eilish & clairo
βœ¨β†£ time taken | about a week
πŸ’Œβ†£ follower count | 7,754
πŸšβ†£ contests | none
πŸ’’β†£ credits | credits to whoever made the overlays i used for the background
πŸ­β†£ fonts | none


πŸŒΉβ†£ random shoutout | @moon-liqht πŸ“β†£ notes | this is a collab with @martinimel- , they did billie and i did clairo. it was great collabing with you!


[fan accounts]
πŸŒ·β†£ ilyasm | @scfteilishfan @_billieslostavofan_ @_browslostavocado_ @_browsavocado_ @browslostavocado @browskermit

[other accounts]
β˜β†£ aesthetic | @turnoffthelights_ πŸŒΈβ†£ backup | @scfteilish_backup πŸ’Žβ†£ memes ig | @monkeybrow
πŸŽ€β†£ manipulation | @-myluciferislonely πŸβ†£ pinterest | @scfteilish πŸ’β†£ discord | browjoe# 5627


πŸ’˜β†£ comment '🎁' to be added | @clusterrhug @casual_sabotage @awhashley @bocafrappe @smol_argent @bocabear @bvrdvrlne @billiesavocadoishere @girlsguide @awhkylie @iisadxvibesii @coffeeqrops @-billiemybaby- @rqindrops- @stqr-wqrs @grandesmoonlight- @milliexsadie @butterflyswift @fancybutera @blvsheditss @awhmulti @bby-grande @lomlcottril @hopefulgrande @editingeilish @wdw_music @just_mee_ @pewdiepie_sunshine @brcathin @bqca @theyellowlight @strxngerbillie @billsbibbles

πŸŒ»β†£ #billieeilish #clairo #collab #complexedit #edit